2021 Hourly Lesson Rates

Note: Long-term coaching programs are available. See Ed Oldham for details and pricing.

Hourly Rates


Ranch Member          $180

Non-Member              $200



Ranch Member          $190

Non-Member              $220


Series of 5 Lessons


Ranch Member          $810

Non-Member              $900



Ranch Member          $855

Non-Member              $990


High Performance Coaching Program


Ranch Member          $324/month

Non-Member              $360/month



Ranch Member          $342/month

Non-Member              $396/month


Information about the High Performance Coaching Program

I believe in developing golfers via a comprehensive, long-term development program. My High Performance Coaching Program is designed to be a year-round program. We start with an assessment and then based on the results of the assessment and player goals; we build a plan for improvement.

The Long-Term Coaching Program is limited to a maximum of 30 students. After I have reached the maximum participation level, I will start a waitlist.

The Long-Term Coaching Program includes:

  • Two one-hour lessons per month
  • The ability to book lessons 90 days out
  • Shot by Shot stats program
  • Mental Golf Profile
  • TPI eval
  • K Vest eval
  • CoachNow Training Space
  • Video check-ins

To find more information or to apply for my High Performance Program, visit the High Performance Program page on this website.