GolfPsych Mental Game Training

  • Achieve your best scores at competitive events
  • Play consistently regardless of the stakes
  • Feel mentally balanced and focused at all times
  • And so much more
  • Ready to stop feeling frustrated? Ready to start enjoying the game again?

I have heard it said that golf is 90% mental but most golfers that I know don’t practice or train the mental game. Now you can with Ed Oldham and GolfPsych.

GolfPsych training offers golfers the premier mental game training system that tour researched, tour tested and tour proven. GolfPsych was founded by Jon Stabler and Dr. Deborah Graham, a licensed Counseling Psychologist specializing in golf performance. Working with professional and amateur golfers from around the world, her client list includes over 380 players on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours, 21 of which she helped guide to 31 major championships.

Ed Oldham is a GolfPsych Certified Instructor and can help you to play better and shoot lower scores using the GolfPsych tools and one-on-one coaching.

Mental Game Coaching Options:

Mental Game Builder Package and One One-Hour Private Coaching Session w/Ed Oldham $300

Mental Game Builder Package and Five One-Hour Private Coaching Sessions w/Ed Oldham $800

The Mental Game Builder Package includes:

  • Online Comparison of Your Personality to the Tour Champion Model, The Eight Champion Traits from our Tour Research
  • Online Assessment of Your Current Golf Mental Game Skills
  • Your 8 Champion Traits Personality Report, 42 pages, with Recommended Methods Based on Your Personality, in PDF format
  • Your Golf Mental Game Skills Report, 32-40 pages, with Recommendations on Improving Your Golf Mental Game Skills, in PDF format
  • It also includes Our New Online Mental Game Coaching System for 1 Full Year with:
  • Links to your personality and mental skills results and recommendations so you can access them anytime
  • Our Post Round System to help you rate your mental game and learn from your rounds and prepare for the next round
  • Your Competition Calendar with links to each round’s Mental Game Post Round form
  • A Statistics Section to record and track your statistics, mental game and physical game by date and round
  • Printable mental game scorecards to take on the course
  • A Post-Round rating quiz on the 8 Champion Personality Traits for each date and round
  • A Post-Round rating quiz on your mental game golf skills for each date and round
  • A Goal Setting Section including Periodization Planning and Balance Goals
  • Our popular Bubble Thought Control Technique with output to take on the course
  • Our Four Questions Post Shot Recovery Method
  • Video of an Effective Mental Pre-shot Routine with explanation of the principles, unlimited viewing
  • A Learning Styles Quiz with advice on learning and practice
  • Accessible from any computer with internet connection, anytime